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Gallery Cabaret!

Dear Friends,
Please join Jason, Kris, Jim, Nick & Casey at the GALLERY CABARET on Friday Oct 6th for a rousing night of Rocking and/or Rolling.
Stanley Ross will also be performing.
What time? Good Question!
We do love the Gallery and look forward to taking their stage again.
Summer is dead, long live Winter!!


Camaro Rouge
Love Story in Blood Red
Red Chamber

Tonight, August 31st, at Darkroom
(2210 W. Chicago)

Double Door Friday June 30th

We have been invited to kick off the Friday night show at the Double Door this Friday, June 30th. We have accepted, though we’ll be down a couple of members. Jim will be at a wedding, Kris is still out with Pinback. But Casey and Nick and I are going to carry the torch till our comrades return. We’ll be doing the croonery side of Love Story. Fans of those mellower songs that don’t usually make it into the set, this show is for you. Hope to see you there, it’s $8, three other bands are:
Avalanche Rescue Team (Thanks, Chris)
The Webstirs
Moon Maan (ex-guitarist for the Afgan Wigs)

Thanks for coming out

Thanks to all who came out in the terrible, terrible weather last night. Had a blast. Everyone wish Kris a safe trip. He leaves for San Diego tonight, 6 weeks with Pinback, woo hoo!

Happy @#$!! Easter

Friends! This Easter Sunday we will share the HIDEOUT’S stage with one of Chicago’s great new groups: Bakelite 78. The Blammos and Crystal & the Wolves will also appear. I believe we’re playin last.

Gettin’ hip to the program

Our first video is up on YouTube.Click here, pally.

1a. Friday NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will make our return to the Gallery Cabaret this Friday. We’ll be playing withThe Spoken Four and Churchbus so bring the rock shoes.
What time, you ask? whyn’cha come down around 9ish and get your booze on – what the hell else do you have to do – it’s Friday. Good times. -J

Tonight Tonight Tonight

We Play Dublin tonight, Lads – We’re going to burn it to the ground, to the GROUND!!!
(not literally, I just mean it’ll be a great time)
24/02/06 Ballroom of Romance Conways, Dublin w/ The Dudley Corporation, The Lamps and Red Sirius

zing zang!

oh what a happy day for the Pitts!
Let’s not forget, however, this IS a Monday (and all that that implies).

At Long Last….

So… this woman, Jennifer Kelly, emails me to do an interview for POP MATTERS – more of a review of the second record – and in reference to the website she was all – “so you played last night with the Willoz?” To which I had to respond – “uh, no, actually that was in October.” I would like to invite you to check out that review also say sorry for taking so long in putting more stuff up here – I’ll try to be better – keep checking.

We were also recently played on The Cherry Blossom Clinc (wfmu’s Terre T is a staunch supporter of the band) and hope you’ll check out that show, the link is here somewhere.

And last but not least, the Last Cannibal is finally finished and available for download – click on the kitty to the right. Soon we’ll even get song titles up!!
More soon, honest.

Yo, Bang!

Now… correct me if I’m wrong – That was a blast, right?
I just want to write it down so that when someone asks me what “a blast” is like, I’ll have a good example handy.
Thanks everyone.

Recomended viewing: CLOWNHOUSE, Ginger Snaps – Funny Games.


We have been invited to open the show this Saturday (Oct 1)at the Subterannean. We will be playing in support of The Peelers and The Willowz.
The Willowz have been on a tear lately and I know a slew of folks who are really jazzed about their latest record. The show should be great.

See you there!


Join us at the lovely SCHUBA’S Tavern on Tuesday September 27. We will play in support of the renowned Secretly Canadian recording artists, SWEARING AT MOTORISTS. Our friend’s and yours, THE LATEST, open.
8 bucks (I think). Show starts 9pm – sharp.
“well, awright! ohh, man.” -K.Herzik

Citizens of the World

In our monitoring of the web page’s stats, we have found an inordinate number of visitors live in Hungary, Singapore, The Seychelle Islands and Japan. To these folks I would like to extend greetings and the warmest of welcomes, our next batch of song will be dedicated to you. For any visitor to this site who wishes to be notified by e-mail when the next record drops (still at least a couple months off, it’s mixed but needs mastering, etc..), type “last cannibal” in the subject line, and when we get it ready to go live, you’ll be the first to know. Okay? Thanks again, people. -J

new record is out

So, the new record is out, and as promised so long ago, most, if not the record in its entirety, will be available free of charge right here. Hold tight. The official RECORD RELEASE SHOW is slated for JULY 22nd – that’s a Friday. The venue will be BUDDY Gallery at 1542 Milwaukee. So put it on your calendar. It’s been a long wait, we’ll make it all worth it.